Taking care of the apartment
You have the obligation to maintain the apartment by cleaning it and keeping it tidy. Among other things, you should remember to keep the stove and the oven clean to avoid dirt and grease from burning. Defrost the refrigerator and freezer regularly. Use mild detergent in the WC, sink, and bathtub.

Do you want to make changes in the apartment?
In case you want to make some extra changes in order to make the apartment more to your own taste, please make sure with us. All changes must be performed in a professional manner. Contact our office for approval.

Your floor – somebody else´s ceiling
What you do in your apartment is of course your own private business, but you should remember that there are others living in the house or block. The stereo and other disturbing activities need to be silenced at 22.00. If you are planning a large party with many visitors, it is advisable to communicate this to your neighbours in advance. Any tenant who disturbs the neighbours without heeding notifications risks being given notice to quit.

You are allowed to have pets in the apartment as long as they do not disturb your neighbours. If you have a dog, it must be kept on a leash when in a public place. Pets are not allowed at the playgrounds or on lawns used for children´s playing and recreation.

Bicycles, mopeds and baby carriages
For everybody´s comfort, you are requested to use bicycle stands and allotted baby carriage rooms. The escalator also serves as an evacuation route in case of fire and should always be kept free. The cleaning staff also needs free spaces in order to carry out their work.

It is forbidden to shake carpets from windows and balconies and also to feed birds from the balcony. Also note that it is only permitted to have a barbecue on the balcony using bottled gas.

Sorting of waste at source
Our properties have well-equipped waste disposal facilities with sorting of waste at source. It is necessary that you, as a tenant, show solidarity by sorting your waste properly. Otherwise, this will have a detrimental effect on the quality of life in the property, and it will entail considerable additional costs for us – and, in extension hereof, also for the tenants.
If you wish to know more about sorting of waste at source, you may visit Affärsverken´s website.

Every laundry room has a booking chart with respective laundry times. You can also find instructions on how to use the machines and laundry room rules. NB! Please leave the laundry room clean and tidy when you leave and be sure to leave the cleaning equipment for the next person.