Comfort Guidelines

As a tenant you have both rights and responsibilities. Among other things, you and your neighbors must show respect for each other so that you will not be disturbed.

> Do not go with hard shoes inside. The sound of wooden shoes, for example, can be heard over to other parts of the house. The same applies when one drills or nails in the wall.

> Think of your neighbors if you play the piano, listening to music or watching TV late.

> Do not feed birds from a balcony or window. Birds litter and food falls to the ground and can attract rats.

> Do not shake the rugs and other objects from balconies and windows. The neighbour below might have their windows open.

> Avoid smoking in your home since smoke can be unpleasant for your neighbors.

> Smoking in communal areas is not allowed.

> Keep in mind that it can be distracting to flush large amounts of water late at night.

> Satellite dishes is not permitted to mount on the property

> Pets can be a problem. Many people suffer from some kind of allergy or are afraid of animals.

> Leave the laundry facilities in the condition you want them the next time you wash.

> Do not place objects in the entrance, stairways, attic or in public areas in thebasement.